Classic Balsamic Vinegar

Classic Balsamic Vinegar

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fine ancient method balsamic vinegar, 250ml

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Our ancient method balsamic vinegar comes in 250 ml bottles (8.45 US fl.oz.) and is boxed for protection in a recyclable cardboard gift box. It is 100% estate grown from grapes we cultivate without using herbicides, pesticides or irrigation. We do not add sulphites or other preservatives. Our releases are of consistently high quality and are aged in a combination of series of large sealed oak barrels, and small traditional series in cherry, chestnut, acacia, ash and oak. No special storage temperatures are required. You can keep it in the pantry or on the kitchen counter, as the naturally high acid and grape sugar act as natural preservatives.

This same vinegar is also available in the hand-painted "Wildflower Series"..