do you ship to the usa?

We can ship any of our products that do not contain alcohol (balsamic vinegar, verjus, jams, etc.). US federal law allows limited one-time importation of wine for personal use (see http://www.ttb.gov/importers/personal_importation.shtml), but most state governments do not allow it. The states that do allow limited personal importation of a limited amount of wine to residents require that a copy of a state-issued "personal importation permit" accompany the shipment. The wine must be shipped by an approved courier such as FedEx, usually very expensive. Check with your state alcohol beverage control authority.

do you add sulphites to your wines?

We do not add sulphites to our sparkling wines or to the Brandenburg No.3. We add a small amount of sulphite to most of the other wines to protect them from oxidation and allow them to cellar. The brighter the acidity of a wine, the less sulphite is required to protect it. With the acid balance in our wines, a small fraction of the allowable level is used.

do you use animal products in your PROCESSING?

No. We do not use any animal products in our processing, including, but not limited to, egg white, gelatin, isinglass (derived from fish) or blood. Our wines meet the requirements for vegan or vegetarian diets.

At What Temperature Should I Store Your Wines?

Venturi-Schulze wines should be protected from extremes of temperature and allowed to rest several weeks after shipping. Ideal cellaring temperature is in the range of 12°C to 15°C (about 55°F to 60°F).

Should Your Balsamic Vinegar Be Refrigerated?

No. There is no need to refrigerate our balsamic vinegars before or after opening. They are naturally preserved by their high acidity and natural grape sugars. Store at room temperature.

Are you organic?

While we are not certified organic by a third party, we follow strictly organic growing practices. See our Beyond Organic pages.

Do you buy Grapes?

No. We use only grapes we grow ourselves on our single vineyard site.

Do you sell vine cuttings?


Any other questions?

Please use our contact form for any further inquiries, we’re happy to help!