If a purchased product is mailed or shipped and is lost in transit, Venturi-Schulze will replace the product on completion of a trace. If the product is no longer available, or if the purchaser requests, Venturi-Schulze will refund the full amount paid.

For mailed or shipped orders, a full refund will be given for any bottles broken in transit, as Venturi-Schulze takes full responsibility for safe packaging. Claims should be made within one week of receipt of product. If the purchaser prefers, Venturi-Schulze will replace such product at no cost, providing that it is still available.

When a product has been purchased and if a claim is made within 15 days of receipt of the product, Venturi-Schulze will give a full refund if unopened wine or Balsamic Vinegar is found to have defective packaging resulting in leaks. If Venturi-Schulze requests, the purchaser may be required to return product or packaging to Venturi-Schulze.


If a non-refundable deposit applies to purchase of event or accommodation tickets, this will be clearly stated in any advertising or description of the event/accommodation and in any confirmation sent to the purchaser.

A full refund, including any non-refundable deposit, will be given for tickets purchased for any event that is cancelled for any reason by Venturi-Schulze.


Venturi-Schulze has no guarantee on quality, as this is subjective and dependent on conditions out of our control; however, if a product is deemed to be "off", Venturi-Schulze may offer replacement or refund if its own chemical and sensory analysis supports that opinion (after a suitable period of rest after shipping back) and if all the following conditions are met:

Venturi-Schulze is notified by phone or email within 24 hours of the bottle being opened. See the Contact Us page for address, phone and email information.

No more than 25% of the contents has been consumed.

The bottle is resealed, packed in a box with appropriate material to prevent breakage, and returned via Expedited Parcel Post within 2 days of opening, along with proof of purchase and name, address and phone number of the purchaser.

In the case of wine, the bottle was purchased within the previous year in British Columbia and not shipped out of province, the bottle was never subjected to temperature extremes (below 2°C or above 25°C) and was stored below 18°C (14°C in the case of Brandenburg No.3 vintages prior to 2007) in an upright position and, if shipped, allowed to rest for 2 weeks before opening (6 weeks in the case of Pinot Noir)