Island Wineries Review

“…. southern Vancouver Island, the Cowichan Valley, and Cobble Hill in particular is, in my estimation, the epicenter of the most interesting and forward-thinking food community not only in Canada, but perhaps in all of North America. I know of no other place with such a rich and important network of farmers, foragers, teachers, culinary anthropologists, and winemakers than right within a 30 mile arc from Victoria.

…. The litany of people within your region is legend within the world food community (including) ….. a host of wonderful cool-climate vineyards/wineries including Averill Creek, Blue Grouse, and Venturi-Schulze.

In fact, the products of Venturi-Schulze may stand as unique in this hemisphere. And I do not believe that an exaggeration. Marilyn and Giordano Venturi run a model vineyard making impressive wines that span the range from a zesty sparkling wine to a fine and polished Pinot Noir. I know because the wines have specialness that draws us to import them directly to serve for dinners at my 5-Diamond restaurant here near Seattle. Additionally, Giordano’s profound dessert-style wine, Brandenburg No. 3, is unlike any other wine produced in this region. And, were that not enough, the Venturi’s craft astonishing Balsamic Vinegar that is aged for years in a series of wood barrels made from five species of trees. We import and use that vinegar, too.”

- Ron Zimmerman, Proprietor, The Herbfarm Restaurant, Woodinville, WA