1990 Legacy Balsamic Vinegar (when available)

1990 Legacy Balsamic Vinegar (when available)


25+ year old ancient method balsamic vinegar, 100ml, enclosed in wood gift box.

Annual release is bottled in the fall. Choose it as a subscription instead and it will be mailed as soon as it is released.

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We began this amazing product in 1990 from our own estate grown grapes and aged it in traditional in series of barrels of cherry, chestnut, acacia, ash and oak. It is rich, dark and viscous, a symphony of flavours and aromas, redolent of fruit, complex wood and times gone by. Superb!

Try a drop of a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano, or on a fine home-made or artisan vanilla ice cream, or in one of the myriad recipes you can find online.

We aged this vinegar 25 years before drawing off the first release in 2015. We can now release just 8 to 12 litres per year. The 1990 Legacy is the culmination of decades of dedication by Giordano Venturi and his family to grow and produce an ancient method balsamic vinegar that is not only unique in North America, but unique in the world. Giordano brought this tradition of his home town Spilamberto in Modena, Italy to his new home in Canada in 1967. When he and his Australian born wife, Marilyn, started their vineyard in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in 1987, they could complete the dream of growing the grapes for this nectar naturally and sustainably, simmer the juice over an open fire to concentrate the grape sugars and flavours, allow the "mother" of microrganisms to work its magic, then age the vinegar in series of barrels of cherry, chestnut, acacia, ash and oak to a allow the vinegar to concentrate to rich, viscous culinary epiphany.

The 1990 Legacy is packaged in a 100 ml bottle and comes in a wooden box made by Giordano from a cedar that was milled and air dried after it came down on our farm several years ago.