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Venturi Schulze

All our wines are 100% estate-grown in our Cobble Hill vineyard in the warm Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

We often give them our own whimsical names, even when they are from a single grape variety, so you can enjoy them without any preconceived notions. Each is an adventure for us, as we allow each vintage full expression with a combination of obsessive care in the vineyard and adventuresome spirit in the winery. Above all remains our basic philosophy of natural sustainability: no irrigation, no herbicides or pesticides in the vineyard, no chemicals in the winery outside of a small amount of sulphite added to some of our wines as an antioxidant to enable cellaring.

  • $89.25The Pleasures of ContinuityOrder books from the Verjus & other products page

    Please order this and other books from the Verjus and other products page

    After a nostalgic voyage in the land of past Spilamberto, a small town in the province of Modena in northern Italy, and the vicissitudes of growing up in that time, winemaker Giordano Venturi fascinates the reader with many traditional home recipes, described with sentiment and passion and illustrated with photos from the home kitchen.

    The author’s opinionated evaluation of modern society and its proclivities are a breath of fresh air in a world of complacency and second-rate efforts. Here too, his writing is connected with food and the introduction of wine: starting a vineyard in unlikely areas and, against overwhelming odds, excelling in the production of quality Pinot Noir, sparkling wine and sweet, tradition-loaded dessert wine. All these efforts are accompanied by photos and told step by step with imagination, accuracy and verve: a reality “stranger than fiction".

    His short stories dovetailed within the text were originally published long ago in the Venturi-Schulze newsletters. They are sheer inspiration, detailing with entertaining prose many occupations and rituals that disappeared more than half a century ago.

    Balsamic vinegar is treated like something holy and precious: here the author delves into the details of tradition and modern trends, painstakingly exploring the differences.

    This book is about everything that matters, touching the heart, at times jerking a tear or two and inspiring reflection; well worth savouring by the fire or in a quiet setting at the end of the day, contemplating who we ourselves are and where we are going.

  • $2.50Wine ToteReusable, fully recyclable partitioned 6 bottle wine bag

    This handy red bag with the VS logo in white has interior partitions that protect each bottle. It is made of non-woven polypropylene, strong enough to carry six 750 ml bottles of wine, is reusable many times over (like the non-woven grocery bags) and is fully recyclable. Makes a great gift bag for VS products, too!



  • $60.10Pinot Noir 2008 Reserveexcellent limited release from carefully selected grapes

    Carefully selected fruit from the warmest slope of our vineyard in a notoriously challenging season created a truly beautiful wine. Giordano's pride and joy! Aged for two years in older French, just two barrels were produced. No fining or sterile filtering, no pesticieds, herbicieds or irrigation: outstanding! 

    Store upright and decant carefully off any sediment before serving. 14.2% alc.


  • $23.10Ortega 2013dry white with aromas and flavours reminischent of stone fruit and grapefruit

    This dry white has the typical Ortega "grapey" aromas and flavours reminiscent of stone fruit and grapefruit zest plus very subtle hints of coconut and fig. Finishes with moderate acidity - a versatile food pairing wine. 12.3% alcohol.

  • $18.10Piccolo 2012Elegant aromatic white

    This limited release of our lovely experimental combination of our Siegerrebe and Chasselas was featured by Pizzeria Prima Strada in Victoria over the summer of 2014 and by Fable Kitchen restaurant in Vancouver, where it remains on the list by the glass or bottle. We decided to list it on our website for the Christmas and holiday season for those who crave it or are yearning for something deliciously different. 11.8% alcohol

  • $20.10Primavera 2012light, juicy, delicious dry white

    This100% estate grown delicious combination of Schönburger, Ortega and Chasselas produced a light and fruity white wine with subtle mandarin-like notes, finished with a slight touch of sweetness. Alc. 11.8%

  • $26.10Sassi 2012Juicy, partially delicately oaked dry white

    This combination of Pinot Gris and Ortega displays a round and juicy palate reminiscent of stone fruit and green apple. It has distinctive minerality and is supported by bright acidity with hints of smoke and nutmeg from a portion aged in French oak. 14.3% aclohol

  • $18.60Schönburger 2008dry white with subtle spice, roses & mandarin

    This wine from the cool 2008 season is a delicate dry white wine with subtle spice and mandarin orange aromas and flavours. It will pair well with seafood, white meats and cheese. The fresh citrus finish is enhanced by a hint of cold fermentation spritz. Schönburger is a European crossing of Pinot Noir with an Italian table grape developed in the 20th century in Germany by crossing Muscat of Hamburg with Chasselas. Although very winter tender and rather prone to mildew, requiring lots of tender loving care with canopy management, it is still a delight to grow as it is very resistant to bunch rot in those occasional damp seasons. 12.5% alc.

  • $28.10Terracotta 2011deep golden complexity

    This exciting deep golden wine has an amazing freshness and vibrancy on the palate, yet full solid flavour and a beguiling earthy nuttiness. 13.8% alc/vol


  • $26.10Maranello 2009 crisp dry, Pinot Noir rosé

    Maranello is a village a few km from Giordano's home town in Italy and the home of Ferrari - an apt name for our beautiful racy 2009 Pinot Noir rosé. Aromas and flavours of juicy wild strawberries and ripe apples are followed by vibrant acidity on the finish. Two-thirds underwent barrel fermentation to enhance mouth-feel, one-third fermented in stainless steel to retain the fresh fruity notes. 14.4% alcohol.

  • $26.10Maranello 2011Racy dry rosé

    Maranello is a village a few km from Giordano's home town in Italy and the home of Ferrari - an apt name for our beautiful racy 2011 rosé primarily based on Pinot Noir. Aromas and flavours of juicy wild raspberries and ripe apples with some dark Pinot notes are followed by racy acidity on the finish. 12.6% alc.


  • $19.00Brut Naturel 2010, half bottledry, classic fine bottle-fermented sparkling

    The 2009 is another outstanding vintage of the Brut Naturel, our delicious dry bottle-fermented sparkling with gentle, but persistent bubbles and smooth texture. As usual, we did not add any sulphites or additional sweetness. This cuvée was composed from Pinot Auxerrois and Pinot Gris. Delicious! 12.5% alcohol.
    It is sealed with a crown cap instead of a cork to better preserve the quality of the wine..

  • $28.10Sole Rossodry, ruby red bottle-fermented semi-sparkling

    This dry bright ruby red bottle-fermented semi-sparkling wine was created from Pinot Noir and Zweigelt. With its mild effervescence, bright berry fruit aromas and well balanced palate, it will add a sparkle to any occasion and is a natural for those summer get togethers with friends when even a barbecue deserves a great wine.
    12.7% alcohol. Sealed with a crown cap instead of a cork to better preserve the quality of the wine.


  • $35.60Brandenburg No.3 2010sweet; amber; rich; earthy caramel/coffee notes

    This sweet amber wine is named for the No.3 Brandenburg concerto. Its rich, earthy, smoky, caramel-coffee notes pair wonderfully with foie gras, charcuterie, a cheese and hazelnut platter and, for the more adventurous, spice-crusted duck in a heart-stopping coffee cocoa sauce. Also wonderful with the Five Spice Crème Brulée and the Orange Hazelnut Fennel Biscotti on our Recipes page. This vintage is sterile filtered in a tall antique green bottle with a Stelvin screw cap. The 2010 vintage is medium amber in colour with a bright finish that perfectly balances the sweetmess.

    The No.3 has had no sulphites or preservatives added. 7.7% alcohol.


For more recipes, visit: www.venturischulze.com/recipes