Proudly presenting your own family tradition

Balsamic vinegar box

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Venturi-Schulze "Balsamic Vinegar Box" - a way for you to start your own family balsamic vinegar tradition.

After years of dreaming and months of design consultation, we have the first box ready with more being created by local artisans Joseph Gelinas and Sandra Carr of Gelinas Carr Furniture. The 2.6 litre capacity box, made of the finest local western maple and beautifully laser etched and conditioned ready for leak-free use, comes with a 2 litre bag of Venturi-Schulze balsamic vinegar ready for the ageing stage and a glazed ceramic drip tray.

Imagine how thrilled family member or special friend would be be to receive one in celebration of a marriage, the birth of a child or other momentous life achievement. We would register the serial number of the box to the owner and track annual additions for their records. When the barrel is eventually passed down to the next generation, the certificate of authenticity can be transferred to the new owner, along with our records of additions supplied by VS.
For more details, here is a pdf file description. Be patient - it may take a minute to load.

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