November 2016 New Releases and Tastings

November 2016 New Releases and Tastings
It seems that we have become hermits, working harder than ever with no time for play and relaxation. We miss you!
Read ahead for news about the latest releases and tastings. Don't forget to request a special coupon code if you are a returning customer of a member of our Friends (with benefits!) Club and wish to order online. We hope to hear from you soon - It makes it all worthwhile to know you appreciate our efforts.

Balsamic Vinegars

The 1990 Legacy is Back
Giordano had always wanted to make ancient method balsamic vinegar since the time he first learned of its existance after immigrating to Canada in 1967. We began making our own estate-grown balsamic vinegar in 1990 with the first crop from ofive range from the oldest of 20 litres to 50 litres. Each year, the evaporation lost in each barrel is topped up from the next, a year younger. We continued this topping up for 25 years before finally drawing off a total of 12 litres from the oldest casks. The 2016 release of our estate-grown 1990 Legacy "extra vecchio" ancient method balsamic vinegar is now bottled and available.

Use our online order form or email us now to reserve a bottle for pick-up before Christmas. Production: 120 hand numbered bottles.

Price: $100 per 100 ml bottle with brochure in an estate-grown cedar and/or maple box - style varies depending on Giordano's mood.

Maple Balsamic

The inspiration to make our Maple Balsamic came to us after returning from the Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy, in 2004. We met many wonderful organic farmers and producers from around the world, one of whom was a passionate third generation Quebec farmer and certified organic maple syrup producer. We decided to creat a unique "east meets west" Canadian product by fermenting a combination of his syrup with our own balsamic vinegar juice. We then aged it for 10 years in special small traditional chestnut barrels. He had no idea what we were up to until we sent him three bottles in 1995!

Price per 100 ml bottle with brochure in a wooden gift box is $59.90. The first boxes were made for us of pine (as pictured). Now they are made by Giordano from our own windfall trees and the style various at the creative whim of Giordano.  So very good on cheese, salmon, asparagus and cheesecake!

Our Classic Estate-Grown Balsamic Vinegar
This 250 ml bottle (pictured above in Centre) is $65 with special pricing available for repeat and case lot purchases.  It comes with its brochure in a recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard box. It is so versatile and there are lots of recipes on our website.

If you are on our newsletter list, are a returning customer, or qualify for our Friends (with benefits) Club by purchasing vinegar and/or wine by the case, contact us for the coupon code required on the checkout page to access special reward pricing.

They are also available in bottles that are hand-painted and fired by local artist Terry Harrison - our Wildflower Series - $71.00


Prices include all taxes and bottle deposit

If you order wine by the case (cases can be mixed) you will receive an immediate 10% reward as a member of our Friends (with benefits) club. When you order online, use the coupon code friends. Ordering our classic balsamic vinegar, but less than a case of wine? Contact us for  the coupon code.
New Releases - check our Products page for full descriptions

2014 Terracotta: complex white wine with deep golden/amberccolour.  $28.10
2013 Primavara: aromatic refreshing slightly off-dry white. $20.10

2011 Brandenburg No.3:  a partial bottling until the custom bottle order arrives in the spring. One of our most popular wines. Naturally sweet, no sulphites, preservatives or fining agents used. You must taste it to believe it. $35.60 

2005 Pinot Noir: Giordano insisted on putting away half of the single barrel release for "a couple of years" to allow softening of the considerable tannins. Here we are 11 years later and it is magnificent. The tannins are still there, one of the reasons the wine aged so well, but it is very smooth with the structure we look for in a good aged red. It was unfiltered, finished with a crown cap and stored neck up, so the pigment-containing sediment coats the bottom firmly and it is easy to decant cleanly. The colour changed from purple-red to a red with a hint of "brick". Give it time to breathe for the "nose" to come out. The palate has fruit, but tends toward an old world style in structure. We will have it open for tasting on Saturday and Sunday, Nov 26 and 27, and Dec 3 and 4 and 10 and 11. Price is $60.10, or $55.10 per bottle when purchased by the half case. This special surprise is a limited release is not available on ouar website

Surprise 6-Packs Are Back: Also back in our wine shop are a limited number of surprise packs of six different older vintage white wines at $72.60 per 6-pack. Neither these nor the 2005 Pinot Noir are not available on our online store.

Check our Wine page for all available wines. Note that the following are almost sold out. If you are a fan, please act soon: 
2013 Rosso di Collina - critically low
2011 Brandenburg No.3 - critically low
2010 Brut Naturel half bottles - critically low
2013 Ortega - critically low
2012 Pinot Noir - low

We are getting a lot of mail in praise of the new 2014 Brut Naturel Rosé ($36.10) and 2012 Brut Naturel ($32.10).
See our Products page for details.

The Pleasures of Continuity

A Subjective View on Food and Wine Tradition and Other Nourishment by Giordano Venturi
There are just a few copies remaining of Giordano's 400+ page book with full colour photos in perfect bind format (8 x 10 paperback). It is a romp through time from the 1940s in war time Italy to the present: stories of his youth and traditions growing up told with humour and emotion, and coming to the new world; illustrated family recipes passed on from mother to son to grandchildren; learning by experience and through the Master of Wine program; entertaining rants about food and wine; the origins of our balsamic vinegar production; descriptions of starting a vineyard and the struggle to make quality wine without pesticides, herbicides or irrigation. Printed in Victoria $89 plus GST. A wonderful gift for the reader who has (almost) everything. Available only at the vineyard and our online store. Let us know if you would like Giordano to sign it and if you'd like a particular dedication.


All jams are special treats in 125 ml jars.  All contain a little of our balsamic vinegar, not as an obvious flavouring, but just enough to lift the fruit to new heights! Wonderful with cheese and crackers or baguette slices, in sauces, with poultry and other meats, or just out of the jar! 

Our Peruvian Goundcherry (also known as Cape Gooseberry) and our Northern Kiwi crops were extremely limited, as were the Saanich black currants and Metchosin figs. These special treats are all in 125 ml jars, price $9.95 and all of Michelle's profits go into her son's Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). All will be added to the website in the next couple of days. Check our website Verjus and other Products page for more details.

Here's the lineup:
Apricot Basil Balsamic
Blackberry Jalapegño Balsamic
Blueberry Balsamic Sage
Cherry Balsamic Almond
Currant Juniper Balsamic
Fig Balsamic
Groundcherry Balsamic
Peach Cardamom Balsamic
Raspberry Balsamic Vanilla
Strawberry Black Pepper. 


Holiday Shipping

We are happy to ship product as gifts direct to your friends and family. Gift wrapping is available for $5 per package. Make sure you let us know what you would like on the card as well as what the occasion is so we can choose paper and gift card accordingly. Note that we cannot ship wine to the US, but shipping products not containing alcohol (balsamic vinegar and jams) is not a problem. Available shipping options are quoted during the ordering checkout and you will not be asked for payment until you have reviewed all charges and submit the final order. 
We use the PayPal portal. IF you have a PayPal account associated with your email address, PayPal uses that account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may get one or pay using any credit card. If you prefer not to use the PayPal platform, choose "manual payment" and we will contact you for credit card information. PayPal accepts all credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Our wine shop also accepts debit with the card present. We can also courier to you on your account, or by Loomis. Business addresses are preferred. Homes and home-based businesses have a surcharge and someone must be home to receive.

US Customers

Good news for you! The US dollar is still strong. On November 18, the US dollar was worth about CAD$1.3478 (conversely, the Canadian to USD Visa rate is 0.7416). Check with your issuing bank, as rates vary day to day and most have an additional "service fee", usually 2.5% of the purchase, which would bring today's effective rate to 0.7648. Still, what a great deal!

Our vinegars, jams and books can be shipped to the US.Expedited Parcel Post USA is an excellent option and usually takes 4 to 7 days for the contiguous United States and Hawaii. Xpresspost USA is much more expensive, so best to order in the next two or three weeks to avoid the high volume bottlenecks.

We send you all our warmes regards and best wishes to you and your family the holiday season!
Giordano, Marilyn and Michelle

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