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Yummy treats to celebrate the Holiday Season

Hello Everyone!

Don't miss our Open House days on Friday and Saturday,  Dec 14 and 15 from 10 am to 4 pm. Come and taste the new releases along with some old favourites and enjoy some delicious holiday treats with us. Along with a selection of our wines, we'll have our three balsamic vinegars and a lovely selection of Michelle's jams. The Brandenburg No.3 2013 will pair beautifully with our gingerbread treats and pâtés.
There is no charge, but to help us plan, let us know if you can attend by reserving through our website contact page
We continue to be open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm until the end of this year'
The latest release of the 1990 Legacy ancient method balsamic vinegar was bottled earlier in November. Giordano's box-making was held up due to a delay in the branding of the cedar box fronts, but they finally arrived and Giordano is hard at work completing the boxes. The 2018 release in cedar gift boxes is now available today, and can be shipped any time while quantities last
This very special vinegar in the 100 ml bottle is $100 and must be tasted to be appreciated. We recently did a comparative tasting with some of the finest in the world, demonstrating the incredible quality of our Balsamic Vinegar of Venturi-Schulze, Cobble Hill, BC. Such purity, uniqueness and complexity! We are very proud of our  commitment and patience producing the grapes without pesticides or herbicides and for the time taken to follow the long, traditional methods of Giordano's hometown in Modena. It has been aged since 1990 in the small solera-series barrels of cherry, chestnut, acacia, ash and oak. Just 120 bottles were produced.

Special Pinot Noir 6-Packs

PN 6-pack 200 dpi 2We have put together 12 six-packs from our Pinot Noir library consisting of 1 each of the following:
Pinot Noir 2005
Pinot Noir 2006
Pinot Noir Reserve 2008 
Pinot Noir Reserve 2009
Pinot Noir 2011
Pinot Noir 2012 
What a wonderful treat for your favourite Pinotphile: to experience the unique reflection of past seasons! 
Each 6-pack is $300.60, all taxes and bottle deposit included.
Not sold separately, only 12 6-packs available.
Check out all the currently available wines on our website and drop by the wine shop or order online for shipping.
Link to online ordering

Special Gifts

Consider our wines and balsamic vinegar for holiday meals and gift giving. We can gift wrap for $5 per and send direct to your loved ones afar. If you have a courier account, contact us with details, or we can quote shipping by Canada Post or Loomis. The Wildflower Series of hand-painted and fired bottles, courtesy of local artist Terry Harrison, make very special gifts. We have a limited number of Maple Balsamic bottles remaining, a good supply of our classic balsamic vinegar in addition to the latest release of the 1990 Legacy. The jams (see below) make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Balsamic Vinegar

The 1990 Legacy is Back2018 Legacy release 6  

The 2018 release of our estate-grown Legacy "extra vecchio" ancient method balsamic vinegar is now bottled and available. Use our online order form or drop by to pick some up before Christmas. This very special vinegar in the 100 ml bottle must be tasted to be appreciated. We recently did a comparative tasting with some of the finest in the world, demonstrating the incredible quality of our Balsamic Vinegar of Venturi-Schulze, Cobble Hill, BC. Such purity, uniqueness and complexity! We are very proud of our commitment and patience producing the grapes without pesticides or herbicides and for the time taken to follow the long, traditional methods of Giordano's hometown in Modena.

A tiny amount was drawn from each of the head barrels (started 1990) in our solera series composed of small artisan-made casks of cherry, chestnut, acacia, ash and oak.
Production: 120 numbered bottles.
Price: $100 per 100 ml bottle with brochure a cedar box hand-made by Giordano - style varies depending on his mood.
Our Classic Ancient Method Balsamic Vinegar
BV 2016 2This special estate-grown balsamic is complex with intense fruity aromas and flavours and is so versatile! Check out the recipes on our website, or simply taste and let your imagination guide you. 
$65 per 250 ml bottle (but with special pricing of $55.90 for our loyal newsletter customers like you) with its brochure in a recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard box. 
See the coupon codes in the final section below online ordering savings.

Our Hand-Painted Bottles


The same classic balsamic vinegar in bottles that have been hand-painted and fired by local artist Terry Harrison. This gorgeous Wildflower Series is perfect for special gifts. Very limited in supply, so no volume discounts are available. $71 per 250 ml bottle
Our Maple Balsamic

Our Maple Balsamic is made with our own juice and some very special single-estate Quebec organic maple syrup, then aged in small chestnut barrels for 10 years. Excellent on cheese, salmon, asparagus, cheesecake and ice cream. Let your imagination run wild! 
Price per 100 ml bottle with brochure is $59.90.


JamsCheck out the available jams and jellies. They change seasonally and Michelle is always experimenting with new combinations. A selection is available for tasting in the wine shop. 
These special treats, made in tiny batches, are all in 125 ml jars and all of Michelle's profits go into her son's Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Price: $9.95 per 125 ml jar 
All of the jams contain a little of our balsamic vinegar, not as a flavouring, but just enough to lift the fruit to new heights! Wonderful with cheese and crackers or baguette slices, in sauces, with poultry and other meats, or just out of the jar! 

Here's the current line-up

Apricot Basil Balsamic Blackberry Jalapegño Balsamic Blueberry Sage Balsamic
Cherry Almond Balsamic Currant Juniper Balsamic Jam  Fig Balsamic Jam
Peach Cardamom Balsamic Raspberry Balsamic Vanilla Jam Rhubarb Lavender Balsamic Jam
Hot Pepper Grape Jelly Strawberry Black Pepper Balsamic  

The 2018 Growing Season

Perfect Pinot 2018 4The 2018 season gave us a welcome wet April to give us soil saturation for the vines to get a good start to their growth in our non-irrigated vineyard. We had drought conditions in May, much of June and all of July and August. The one rainstorm we had in June affected fruit set in the varieties that were blooming at the time, Pinot Refractometer 2resulting in a lower yield than average. July was the second hottest of the past 12 years, just behind 2009, giving a good start to ripening, yet the drought contributed to small berry and cluster sizes, increasing flavour concentration. September was cooler and wetter than average, causing us much anxiety. We were extremely relieved to have one of the warmest Octobers on record and a lovely stretch of dry weather and bright sunshine to allow the grapes to dry out again and ripen further before finishing harvest on October 20.

Holiday Shipping

Within Canada
All packages sent by Canada Post prior to November 27 made it with little to no delay. I checked daily to avoid sending to areas affected by rotating strikes, using a courier for urgent packages. Due to the strike action, Canada Post is no longer guaranteeing delivery within the normal parameters; however they are making it with minimal delay. 
If you choose courier, it works best to business addresses, as someone must be there all day to sign for the package. There is a $3 surcharge for courier deliveries to "non-commercial building" addresses and someone must be there to receive. Proof of age is also required for packages containing wine. If nobody is home, you will be carded to give you instructions for one chance at redelivery or a location at which you can pick up the package within a limited time period. Couriers are also very busy and not guaranteeing delivery times, although packages already sent have made it to their destinations with no delays.
We do not take responsibility for the cost of reshipping packages returned because nobody was home or the address given on the order was incorrect.

The most economical trackable method to Canada and the US states is Expedited Parcel PostXpresspost packages sent within canada recently have made it within the normal 1 to 3 business days delays are always possible.Ship as soon as possible for the best chance of making it by Christmas Eve.
Available shipping options are quoted during the ordering checkout and you will not be asked for payment until you have reviewed all charges and submit the final order. We use the PayPal portal. If you have a PayPal account associated with your email address, PayPal uses that account.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you may get one or pay using any credit card. If you prefer not to use the PayPal platform, choose "manual payment" and we will contact you for credit card information. PayPal accepts all credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Our wine shop also accepts debit and Discover cards with the card present. 
US Customers 
Our prices are in Canadian dollars. The US dollar is worth about CAD$1.30. Check with your issuing bank, as rates vary day to day and credit cards have an additional "service fee", usually 2.5%. Still a good deal for our US friends! 

Note that we cannot ship wine to the US, but shipping products not containing alcohol (balsamic vinegar and jams) is not a problem. Expedited Parcel Post USA is an excellent option and usually takes 4 to 8 days for the contiguous United States and Hawaii. All hold-ups at this time are due to the backlog of several days to clear US Customs. Xpresspost USA is much more expensive,  and is still subject to the unusual customs delays, so best to order as soon as possible to avoid the high volume bottlenecks.

Coupon Code Reminder

When ordering online, use the following coupon codes for savings:

happy will get you our returning customer rate of $55.90 on the 250 ml classic label balsamic vinegar. 

friends will get you 10% off a purchase of 12 bottles of wine or more, plus the preferred rate on any additional bottles of 250 ml classic balsamic vinegar in the same order.

Finally, don't be a stranger. Come visit us this month if you are in the area and don't forget to RSVP if you'd like to attend our special Open House on December 14th or 15th!
With our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and peace, love and happiness for 2019 
Marilyn, Giordano and Michelle

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